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Wesley Orphan House Trust

The Orphan House was opened in 1743, in Northumberland Street in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was a base for John and Charles Wesley on their journeys around the North East. Nowadays, income from the site is distributed by the trustees of Wesley Orphan House Trust to worthy applicants.

The original plan was that it should also be an orphanage for 40 poor children, but its role was mainly as a school.
It was the home of the first Methodist Sunday School in the North East and was also used as a full time day school for young children.

Eventually the building ceased to be used by the Methodist Church and was leased for various commercial purposes. The original building was demolished in 1957, but the freehold of the site remains in Methodist Church hands.

It is the income from leasing the land that is available for distribution by the Wesley Orphan House Trust. Applications are invited from organisations or individuals who feel they meet the criteria of the Trust.

Wesley Orphan House Trust

Grant Application

To apply for a grant, use the links below to download an application form, as well as reading our grant criteria.

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